George Hasey Popcorn Wagons

The far left wagon was built in 1915 by the Dunbar Company of Chicago as one of the first air popped popcorn wagons. This relic suffered an horrific freak accident killing George Hasey's daughter in 1946 and the wagon disappeared soon after. The relic was found in Illinois in 2011 but the connection to Columbus and what it was was a mystery.  It was donated to the Historic Wagner Farm in Glenwood ILL where a restoration was started. 

The Hasey name was discovered on a charged piece of wood and the connection was made.  $60,000 later the restoration was complete.

This particular wagon sold 10,000 bags of popcorn a year standing on this very corner of Columbus Wisconsin and in 2015 in a Fourth of July Celebration it returned for the first time in 70 years.  

 MEANWHILE a few years later after the accident a second wagon appeared which was built in 1928 and once again popcorn was sold on this corner. 

George Hasey sold popcorn for 58 years in Columbus and this is the first time both wagons have been together on the corner the corner where tens of thousands of bags of air popped popcorn were popped.