When I was a wee lad my mom noticed I had a knack for pointing out beautiful things that many people overlooked so she put a paint brush in my hand and let me try painting  . . . . . . . hmmmm . . . perhaps a camera would be better suited!  

Most of my life I felt my photography was always a little underwhelming for my own tastes.  I never could achieve the look and feel that I wanted. Thus like so many other photographers that dream of being an artist, my river of life went a different direction, becoming yet another IT professional.

In 2005 I started playing around with some images for fun and started to learn the craft you see today.  In 2007 I displayed some of the images at a Starbucks, just for giggles and my adventure into the art world took off with surprising speed.

I was told by knowledgeable people that I needed a theme, a reason for people to look at my work.  I just can't do that because I have so many interests. I don’t have one subject as I feel the entire world is full of beautiful objects that people see but they don’t really “look at”. Some people have called my work impressionistic, and many call my images "paintings".  In a way they are but I paint with a mouse and bits and bytes that tell the printer where to put the pigment.

I’m just along for the ride. I truly have no idea where this "art" adventure is going to take me but I'm having a blast.


Rod Melotte
300 Vista Circle
Columbus WI 53925

608 219 8716

email - photo@RodMelotte.com